Launchpad Services

IDO Token 

IDOs provide businesses with the tool to engage their communities in an economy that enriches their products and services while allowing them to make wise business decisions regarding their assets.

Introduction to IDO token LaunchPad 

Initial DEX Offering launchpad is a pre-made software that is used to setup and run a custom decentralized token marketplace.
ASA FX decentralized token marketplace assists the investors to discover the latest upcoming cryptocurrency projects and fund those projects by buying them at a special pre-sale price before it enters the market. IDO token launchpad conducts a truly decentralized IDO with an array of customizable parameters to meet their requirements.
Liquidity locks, sale price, token vesting and funding type can all be systematically adjusted, while initial DEX offering participants receive full transparency into the protocols in place for security and protection.

Workflow of IDO Token LaunchPad 

The owner of the crypto project should apply on the IDO launchpad to get listed, the platform then reviews and undergoes a verification process to test the authenticity of the project and then lists them.
The IDO platform functions primarily on the basis of trust between the platform owners, project owners of cryptocurrency and the users.
As users are instructed to only use a platform that guarantees the authenticity of the projects and receives a good return on investment and all the cryptocurrency projects that are listed on the platform are backed by a token.
Hence, start your own decentralized IDO LaunchPad because it allows you to enter production at a fast rate and it allows everyone to receive early access to token launches without the necessity for large sums of money.

Decentralized IDO Launchpad 

An IDO launchpad allows early access of IDO tokens to the investors. When executed effectively, IDO launchpads can offer successful token issuance events. But, it has its own drawbacks.
In order to rectify them, a decentralized IDO launchpad has been introduced.
It provides high-level flexibility, customization, and wide-ranging as possible. The main primary mission of this platform is to make IDOs fairer, safer and more sustainable, and more transparent. With the help of this platform, the majority of the projects can launch their IDO without limitations and restrictions.
This platform’s primary feature is to generate on-chain smart contracts that predict a range of customizable parameters such as duration and IDO stages, token vesting, liquidity locks, sale price, and other plug-and-play frameworks that simplify the IDO process and disqualifies the need for coding.

Benefits of IDO Token LaunchPad


Investor Pool Management 

Our IDO launchpad platform allows the creation of multiple investor pools and assists the administrator in maintaining the investor pool size-token allocation ratio on the development platform. The main function of this feature is not to get the investor pool crowded.

Multi-Tiered staking module

 Using our IDO platform development services, administrators can create multiple tiers for investors to participate in the funding rounds which are dependent on the tokens that are staked on the platform. 

Integrated Wallet

 Our platform has an integrated wallet that allows users to receive tokens from different projects of their desire.


KYC Compliance

 KYC compliance enables the owner to accept the user’s identity proof before they are approved to use the platform.


Cryptocurrency project listing

 Our IDO launchpad has an organized cryptocurrency project listing sector where users can discover new tokens and invest in them to assist their projects to raise funds. 

Quick Token Allocation

 Whenever the platform opens a sale, our quick token allocation reacts faster on the IDO launchpad platform. The tokens are allocated to the investors based on their investments. 

 Listing the Token

Our blockchain moderators can help you identify the right decentralized exchange designed to present your token.